Don’t over decorate

Don’t over decorate
Studies show that the continuous use of cosmetics causes the body to absorb 500 grams of chemicals every year.

Nuclear news sources reported that a three-year survey by English researchers on the consumers of decorative items shows that nine percent of the accessories that women use for decoration are out of date, and then their use along with health decorative items in different countries. It causes various skin diseases such as cancer and others.

This report adds that the absorption of chemicals from these cosmetic and health products through the skin causes irreparable skin problems instead of benefiting the skin.

It is said that most women use more than 20 types of cosmetics, which increases the threat because, according to this report, only five types of cosmetics cause so many diseases in a day.

Many researchers believe that laughter makes people feel closer and more connected. When you feel comfortable and happy with someone, laugh with them and show them this feeling.

The fact that you don’t want to feel alone in a group makes you laugh at them and make them ugly, and that’s why they call laughter pleasant.

If you are upset, usually if your family head or boss laughs, you also laugh and this is precisely the situation where it is said that you can control the behavior of others with laughter.

For example, when you laugh at the time of danger and the threatening person also laughs, most of the problems are solved.

A researcher then compares human laughter with the sounds of birds and believes that laughter is a natural human response to bond.

Other studies show that laughing in a group is 30 times more than when you laugh alone, for example, in front of the television.

According to the theory, a person laughs when he hears or sees something that seems impossible from the point of view of rationality and daily events.

Jokes make us laugh when we expect a different ending, but it ends differently. It brings laughter.

Another theory says that we laugh when some people’s stupidity, ignorance or mistakes are described. This feeling of superiority makes us feel happy and smile.

The relaxation theory is based on the belief that humans need to laugh because they need to cleanse their body of daily stress so that laughter can reduce the stress of the day to some extent.

What things do not bring laughter?

The important issue here is age. Children who are exploring the world may find simple jokes featuring an elephant or something else interesting, while young adults may laugh at jokes about their everyday lives, such as food and entertainment. etc.

When we grow up, our thoughts and physical appearance change, the more we get to know the world, the more we learn about different issues, such as changes in people, etc.

Growing up in any country in any culture makes a difference, if you can hear jokes from other countries, it will not be interesting to you, which is still related to the difference of cultures.

Laughter and health:

We all know that laughter is a medicine for many pains, the most important thing that medicine does is to balance our nerves and this topic can also prevent many diseases.

Laughter reduces stress hormones and causes us to be less nervous and also prevents high blood pressure.

This method also leads to the release of proteins, which can play a good role in preventing our disease.

It is very interesting to know that laughing 100 times is equivalent to riding a bicycle for 15 minutes, so laughing can be called an exercise, blood oxygen increases and blood pressure decreases.

According to doctors, some people keep their negative emotions such as fear or hatred with them, and laughter is a way to get rid of these emotions, and this is the reason why scared people usually like funny movies when going to the cinema.

For more laughs:

  • You see and hear things that are interesting to you or make you laugh a lot in your daily life.
  • Choose some funny people as your friends.
  • Try to be a little sweeter. Making your friends laugh can be beneficial for you too, so take advantage of this opportunity

Researchers from King’s College London say that the more holes there are in the body, the more specific biological signs it has that indicate the aging process of the body. This particular type of DNA, which slows down the aging process by six to seven years, is more common in people with more than 100 gaps.

100 gaps in existence is more than average because the average European has 30 gaps, although there are people whose existence has up to 400 gaps. Now the question is why some people have few gaps in their existence and some others have more?

The same researchers said in their previous study that the ability to have a gap in existence is hereditary.

King’s College researchers have studied 1800 women between the ages of 18 and 79 for this study.

It has been said in their research: The ability to have a gap in existence is also true in the field of several diseases that are related to aging, such as heart disease or osteoporosis. However, in the King’s College press release, according to the head of the research group, Vervinck Bataly, it has been said that other studies are being conducted to confirm these discoveries.

There are different opinions regarding the hole, who considers it harmful for existence and who calls it a sign of beauty, but it all depends on the size and location of the hole. Ninety percent of moles have the characteristic of giving birth to cancer and that is why doctors always advise people who have a history of skin cancer in their family to be constantly under the supervision of a dermatologist.

Be very careful with spots that change color and shape, and spots that have hair may be painful but are usually harmless.

Don’t over decorate

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