Medicines were developed to increase muscle mass

Medicines were developed to increase muscle mass
Researchers say that they are close to creating a drug that increases human muscles without exercise.

These drugs, called exercise mimics, consist of substances that mimic the benefits of exercise and create a mechanism that increases the body’s metabolism and increases lean muscle mass.

Thomas Burris, a professor of pharmacy at the University of Florida in the United States, says that this combination basically orders the skeletal muscles to make the same changes that are seen in sports exercises.

Although sports-imitating drugs have been invented for some time, researchers at the University of Florida have discovered that a compound called (SLU-PP-332) produces estrogen that increases the rate and oxidation of skeletal fat, resulting in increased energy.

Testing of this drug on mice showed that the natural metabolism is accelerated, while this normally happens during physical activity.

The mice who were given two doses of this medicine one month ago, compared to the obese mice, accumulated ten times less fat in their body and lost almost twelve percent of their weight.

Also, these mice were able to run 50 percent more than when they were not given this drug.

Medicines were developed to increase muscle mass

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