Ways of good life / writer: Brine

Ways of good life / writer: Brine
Guess life is a game. Principles of this game is to maintain five balls at a weather point and prevent it to the ground.

One of these artillery is plastic and others have been set up. It is obvious if the plastic ball falls on the ground; Then then there is time to get up; But these other four are not up again after the fall of the ground and are offected.

These four balls include: Family, health, peace, friends and you.

The plastic ball is the same thing to prefer the consignment, as it always created jobs for the confusion; But losing friends cannot get again. Families once dropped again, lost safety can not be achieved and the broken heart can not be rest again.

In order to be comfortable life, take care of the following points:

1- Sorry for the waiting to people before and do this work in pleasure

2- Choose your favorite poem!

3- Do not believe everything you listen! Don’t spend all assets! And the more you want to do not be shocked!

4- When telling someone, you are dear So be real!

5- When it says, notice the opposite direction in the eye!

6- To get married to married at least six months ago!

7- Believe in love at first!

8- Don’t laugh to someone else’s face!

9- Be the love of love, may see damage; But the only achievement of living is the way.

10 In conflicts, fight (display), fairly fair!

3- Don’t judge for them about friends!

12- Thinking bright and call slowly!

13- When asked for asked and we have no idea of respond to, smile and ask: why do you want to get rid?

  1. Remember that the great love and great achievements, great dangers.

15- Be in connection with your mother!

16- When no one is stuck; So say it: Apology is.

17- When to eat me So he studied and forget me!

3- Remember three things: Respect yourself: Respect for, respect others and take responsibility for all your performance.

2- Don’t let a small delegation conflict, dreaming the big friend!

  1. When we considered your e mistake, try to compensate!

21- When lifting the earthens of soundmar; So eat your smile on the lips, the opposite to you hear the sound of happiness.

  1. Marry the woman or the man you are talking. When loves and communications goes to the depth; So we also rise in the talks and the assembly is created.

23- What time do pass in USA!

2- Open your hug to change, but not so widespread values.

2- Remember that some time silence is the best answer.

Study 26- Follow the fewer press!

27- Live the stomic and good life; Because when thinking of the white gonu- So enjoy the remembrance of your past.

28- Tripping Allah; But closed his machine (Mullah) and the door.

  1. The presence of a lovely space in the house is very important, how many so much, relaxed and safe haven.

30- In conflicts you become friends, soft your hand and have left past.

31- understand the deep and barking concept of the topics!

  1. Share your knowledge with others, this action is access to the bidition

33- Be kind to the dirty environment!

34- Secret and help with Allah, the power to power is at this.

2- Don’t talk anyone when anyone wants to know you!

36- You must be yourself to your own.

2- Do not trust anyone who does not look up to your kisses.

38- Go ته کې کې کې چې تاسې تاسې

39- If income is very income; So exclude some of the sizes to help others in your life – such as giving Zakat-; Because it tastes very enjoy getting profits.

3- Remember that what loves with and access it is the source of good hurry.

41- Learn laws, you don’t become violators.

  1. The relationship that needs in friendship; We have to love this.
  2. Took this color what you lose and what you get!

34- Remember that your personality definitions determines your future.

4- Watch its love with a very care!

Can’t talk to the people?
The question of Abid Arif
I also have a psychological problem that I can’t talk against people, but I can’t dare against the people, and when my heart is increasing Looking forward to your advice on it.

Thank you Abadet your country’s Arrow

Psychology Mr. Original Reason Case:
First but sorry for the delay of the answer.
Your problem is not new, many people are facing you like you. This problem is afraid of social positions in psychology.

In this case, man creates fear of special locations, which is talking about, if they talk to social locations, or they are not able to take care of the people. The problem is three, the first is the first side of the world and is the third side.

Psychological examples in social locations in the daily lives in social locations, from social locations, can be fear of fear under the following views.

In the physical arch of the heart, he can get the brutality of the heart in social locations, the growing of a bodies, the fear of the bodies, and other other factors.

And in a silky side, silence may always need a friend support and approach.

To address this problem, two parties must be addressed to two sides. The first arch is the shortage of physical factors and the second ark is to take a long-term measures to control fluent factors.

The heart rate should be used to control the heart and resolution of the heart. It is a good way to when you face such situations to take advantage of 4-2-6 seconds of breathing. Place one hand on your chest, take the first to take the first through the nose and store 2 seconds and then keep it through the mouth during the 6 seconds. Perform this work, so you will get you normal and saw tight.

Must bring some changes in their thoughts to solve the psychological arch. Important and effective changes will be below it.

  • Changing your negative thoughts: some negative thoughts make this respect to lose their darrita in social locations. The first should change this thoughts. Some think about it will not be able to do according to social locations and it will face proper news and others often afraid and think it will be inequality. The first step is to address such a thoughts and then analyze logically. For example, are you satisfaction that will not be appropriate? After a logical analysis, you can change this thoughts on logical analysis.
  • Bringing your fears: If you are afraid of what you are afraid of what you will be open, they will deeply deep in a long time. It is the proper way to face your fears and explore them to be angry way to remove the problem is resolved.
  • Interestment in resolving the problem: Use tolerance to solve the problems is one of the main waterfields. Don’t try to resolve the biggest fear in the first head, try to start with small fears and use the experience of great fear and bring out major problems and fear. Solve easily.

The psychological problems often can be solved when the person is unable to solve the problems that should meet with a psychologist. If you were resolved through the implementation of the roads mentioned, it would be very difficult to have a problem, so I would be with a professional psycholet and helps.

Hope to have a effectiveness to happen for mentioned wars and must be solved soon.
Thank you.

Ways of good life / writer: Brine

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