How much will average health insurance cost in the USA?

Health insurance means different things to people across the world – the USA’s system is known for several distinguishing features, including a high relative cost to the individual and a lack of universal coverage. You may be wondering why the cost of healthcare insurance seems to be rising and how the picture compares to other nations. In a country […]

How much does health insurance cost per just one month?

When you’re trying to manage your money and figure out your budget, here’s a question to add to your list: How much does health insurance cost per month? Whether you’re in charge of a household or single and in charge of only yourself, most of us have a budget. Each month we hold ourselves accountable to pay […]

What Is Health Insurance?

Health insurance pays for healthcare expenses for treatments, medicine and services as determined by the coverage features defined in your specific policy. You pay a health insurance premium for the coverage, whether or not you seek medical care. When you use services covered by your plan, the health insurer pays a portion of your healthcare costs. Depending […]

Older Adults and Mental Health: 4 Ways to Prevent Senior Mental Health Issues

Article at a glance Meet Jill Degen, a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Jill Degen, APRN, PMHNP, is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and has been working in mental health for 13 years. She’s passionate about advocating and ensuring patients receive effective, compassionate, and trauma-informed treatment. “I’m passionate about mental health because it’s often stigmatized by society. Mental health is talked […]

7 Peripheral Artery Disease Symptoms (PAD) & How To Manage Them

Article at a glance What Is Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD)? Peripheral artery disease (also known as peripheral arterial disease or PAD) occurs when the narrowing of arteries or blockages in the arteries occurs, usually in the legs or lower extremities of the body. This reduces blood flow from the heart to other areas of the body. The […]

Tips to Promote Good Blood Circulation

Article at a glance Your entire body needs oxygen and nutrients to feel active and healthy and to function properly. The blood flowing through your body — or circulation — carries these nutrients, so it’s important to improve blood circulation. You can take simple, healthy steps each day to avoid common symptoms of poor circulation […]

5 Ways to Set Better Health Goals in 2024

Article at a glance Many of us have a love-hate relationship with goal setting. Creating health goals can inspire us and allow us to visualize a healthier lifestyle, but sticking to goals can sometimes be frustrating and stressful. Fortunately, there are easier ways to set (and accomplish) health goals. In this article, we share five strategies to […]

13 Foods to Eat When Sick With a Cold

Article at a glance The common cold is an upper respiratory infection and the most common illness in the world. In fact, the average adult experiences 2–3 colds a year. Symptoms tend to be mild and may include sneezing, a stuffy nose, sore throat, coughing, and headaches.  When treating a cold, many people turn to medications, hydration, and rest. While […]

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