iPhone 15 Pro Max Camera Review: Depth and Reach

Apple is in the strange position of having to slowly improve a product while also trying to reinvent it. Some say their success requires them making small, evolutionary steps seem revolutionary. I don’t quite agree with that. As iPhones become better and better over the years, small steps eventually bring tip-over points, when technology starts […]


How Online Programs Are Changing the Health Game Personal training and nutrition coaching are not new concepts— Whether in pursuit of overall wellness or a prime physique, people have been hiring professionals to coach them for decades. Now that online platforms offer interactive real-time options, a world of possibilities has opened up in terms of fitness, nutrition, […]

One more reason to brush your teeth?

Maybe we should add toothbrushes to the bouquet of flowers we bring to friends and family members in the hospital — and make sure to pack one if we wind up there ourselves. New Harvard-led research published online in JAMA Internal Medicine suggests seriously ill hospitalized patients are far less likely to develop hospital-acquired pneumonia if their teeth are brushed twice […]

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