Good smells strengthen our memory

Good smells strengthen our memory
To most people, the sense of smell (shamā) is not the most important of the five senses; But recent research in America shows that the sense of smell is not only necessary for things like flowers and food, but also for keeping these things in memory.

In this study, the details of which were published in the journal (Frontiers in Neuroscience), it was revealed that stimulating the senses can help strengthen memory.

According to this study, one of the symptoms of people who suffer from Alzheimer’s (forgetfulness), Parkinson’s disease and mental disorders is that their sense of smell is low, and it has been known for a long time that Omer loses the sense of smell due to obesity, poisoning, cigarette smoking, head injury or continuous nasal congestion, and this causes memory loss.

Professor of Neurobiology at the University of California, Michael Levin, who led the research team, says: “The relationship between human memory and the ability of the senses increases with age, but in today’s modern and In the prosperous world, almost everything around us is odorless. Therefore, the loss of the sense of smell may weaken the immune system against various problems.

Mr. Leon recommends that it is good to smell something every day, it doesn’t matter if it is perfume or flowers, even if it is spice, it is good to smell it at least twice a day.

We have heard a lot from doctors about the harm of eating too much sweets. Even some doctors call sugar, white flour, and salt three white poisons.

However, some people find it difficult to avoid sweets.

But in a recent study, it has been said that there are some herbs or spices that reduce the craving for sweets.

According to European experts, if someone’s body magnesium is low, they will like sweets more, so it is better to supplement the body’s magnesium.

Also, those who have kidney problems or are under a lot of stress also like sweets more.

Doctors say that to reduce the harm of sweets, it is necessary to drink more water and increase the foods that contain magnesium, such as pumpkin seeds, bananas, grains such as beans and lentils.

Magnesium can also be found in pill form in pharmacies.

In spices and other things, coriander or coriander seeds, which are used a lot in chapali kabab, and cinnamon help to reduce the craving for sweets.

Too much sitting can have bad effects on the heart and brain, studies have shown that the effects of too much sitting can’t be overcome even with exercise. Therefore, cardiologists recommend that whenever you are busy at work or watching TV, try to get up after an hour of sitting and walk a few steps.

2: Ignoring mental and emotional problems:

One of the reasons that can have bad effects on the heart is psychological stress, so whenever you are faced with mental and spiritual problems and it is beyond your power to overcome your mental problems, try to overcome them. Share your problems with a close friend, family member or psychiatrist as soon as possible.

3: Sleeping in a dream is considered bad.

Not only does snoring wake others up, it can also have adverse effects on your heart and blood pressure. If you have a problem with shopping in your sleep, then first of all, try to reduce your extra body fat (reduce your weight) and also consult a respiratory specialist to get rid of shopping. Easy techniques to show you.

4: Don’t floss your teeth:

Keep in mind that you should definitely brush your teeth after eating, this will not only eliminate bad breath, but it will also help you reduce heart and vascular diseases.

5: Loneliness:

Sometimes it happens that you dream of someone, but this should not cause you to cut off your relationships with all people, try to spend your free time with family members and close friends. This work will strengthen our social relations on the one hand and on the other hand it will help us to control heart diseases.

6: Not exercising

Try to allocate at least half an hour a day for exercise, regular exercise not only helps to reduce mental problems, but also contributes to the control of heart and vascular diseases.

7: Drinking alcohol:

Alcohol consumption is considered one of the main causes of cardiovascular diseases.

8: Overeating:

One of the causes of many diseases is eating too much at one time, regulate your meal times, eat little and drink at different times of the day, eat so much that you have enough space to drink. in the stomach Avoid eating late at night.

9: Thinking I’m Very Well:

Many times we think that we don’t have any signs and symptoms, but it is not like that until the signs and symptoms appear, then the water is over. Try to check your health at least once a year.

10: Good food for mustard seeds:

If you can reduce the amount of meat you eat, especially red meat, it can increase your risk of heart disease and cancer.

11: Not checking blood fat, sugar and blood pressure:

Try to check your blood pressure once a month, and if possible, check your blood sugar and cholesterol once every six months.

12: Smoking:

We will definitely see the messages to avoid smoking every day because it is one of the main causes of heart disease, so don’t say smoking today.

13: Not taking medicine on time:

If you notice, many people are like that when they start treatment of high blood pressure from the doctor until after a little improvement, the patient leaves the treatment on his own. Discontinuation Be sure to consult your physician about discontinuation of treatment.

14: Consider physical symptoms as a problem:

Usually, if you have chest pains, go to the nearest health center and make sure that your chest pains are not caused by cardiovascular diseases.

15: Eating too much salt:

Try to reduce the use of salt in your food and also keep in mind that eating chips and burgers can also contribute to the causes of heart disease.

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Good smells strengthen our memory

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