Lonely people have a short life span

Researchers from the University of Glasgow in Scotland revealed in a new study that those who live alone and do not see their close relatives at least once a month, the risk of death is higher than those who see their relatives.

Using the information available in the British Health Archives, they studied the social contacts of nearly 460,000 Britons, whose average age is 57 years, and monitored and recorded their health status for almost 12 years.

According to the report of the Guardian newspaper, the researchers concluded at the end of their study that social isolation, including being alone, feeling lonely and seeing less with relatives and friends, is associated with the risk of death. Related to the increase.

In this study, those who did not meet with relatives and friends and those who met with relatives a lot were compared.

The research revealed that those who did not meet their friends and relatives, 53 percent of them suffered from heart diseases and 39 of them died.

November 14 is World Diabetes Day. From 2021 to 2023, the United Nations has set the theme of this day, access to aid for people with diabetes.

Important symptoms of diabetes
1- To distinguish between very thirsty and many gaps:

Have you ever had to go to the bathroom more than usual? Have you ever thought that you spend most of the day going to the bathroom?

When the glucose in your blood increases, your empty stomach naturally increases and you will go to the bathroom more than usual. Also, if you don’t produce enough insulin, or if you produce it, but your cells don’t respond well enough; So our cells can’t filter glucose from the blood. Then, your kidneys will take water from the blood to dilute the glucose, which fills your bladder and you will go to the bathroom more than usual.

2- Severe hunger:

When the insulin in the blood does not work properly or is not present in the blood; Then our body cells do not get enough energy, at this time our body reacts to generate more energy. This is the reason why you feel hungry again.

3 Sudden weight gain:

When we feel hungry and then we eat a lot of food, this food causes our body to produce more energy, which causes weight gain and accumulation of fat around the belly, which makes the belly bigger.

4- Abnormal weight loss:

This condition mostly occurs in type 1 diabetes. That is, when our body does not produce enough insulin, our body cells face a lack of energy because the cells take energy from glucose, and when glucose from the blood does not reach the filter and cells, our body lacks energy. Looking for another source to purchase. This is because the glucose in the muscles and the fats in the body are converted into energy, which eventually causes our body to experience a complete lack of energy and cause weight loss.

5- Increased fatigue:

When there is no insulin in the body and if it does not work properly, glucose from the blood does not enter the cells of the body to produce energy; This is the reason why you feel tired and sleepless again.

6- Weakness of vision:

When the amount of glucose in the blood increases due to the lack of insulin in the body, it destroys the small blood vessels. This destruction of blood vessels also takes place in the part of the retina of the eye, which causes the reduction of the vision of the eye.

7- Injuries do not heal quickly:

When the amount of glucose in the blood increases, the ability of the blood to collect and build up the wound is lost, which is the reason why the injured area does not heal quickly.

8- Sexual problems:

One of the main symptoms of diabetes is sexual problems. For example, erectile dysfunction or the male reproductive system did not move quickly during intercourse.

9- Numbness and inflammation in the legs and hands:

As the rise of glucose in the blood destroys the small blood vessels, in the same way the nerves of the body are affected and damaged. This is the reason why you feel numbness and inflammation in your hands and feet.

Types of sugar

There are many types of diabetes, but the most common are type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes: It is the type of diabetes in which the body of the affected person cannot produce insulin because the cells of the pancreas that produce insulin are destroyed by the body’s defense system. When the insulin-producing cells are destroyed, then the body faces a shortage of insulin, and then based on the shortage of insulin, the amount of glucose in the blood increases and the person suffers from diabetes. The first type of diabetes, although children and young people are more affected; But adults can also be attacked. People suffering from this type of diabetes; He must take insulin every day to survive.

Type 2 diabetes: Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes in which the body of a person suffering from it cannot produce insulin or if it does produce it, it cannot use it. Although this type of diabetes is mostly seen in middle-aged and elderly people, it can affect people at any age.

Gestational diabetes: This type of diabetes occurs in pregnant women. Although most of the times this type of diabetes disappears after giving birth, there is also a possibility that the second type of diabetes appears in women even after childbirth.

There are other types of diabetes that are not very common, such as monogenic diabetes, which is caused by changes in a single gene of cells. and cystic fibrosis-related diabetes.
Who suffers from type 2 diabetes?
Those who are over 45 years old
Those who have hereditary ungratefulness in their family
Those who are overweight
They don’t exercise
Those with high blood pressure
What diseases does sugar cause?

Various heart diseases, stroke, kidney diseases, eye diseases, dental diseases, neurological diseases, foot diseases

The symptoms of type 1 diabetes appear immediately within a few weeks after being infected, but the symptoms of type 2 diabetes appear later and after a long time, which may take months or years.

What is the first type of sugar?

The first type of diabetes occurs when the body’s immune system attacks its own body. Such that during the attack of some viruses and bacteria, the body’s defense system attacks the pancreas and the beta cells that produce insulin; destroys Eventually, the pancreas loses its ability to produce insulin

The amount of glucose in his blood increases and the person suffers from type 1 diabetes.

What is the second type of sugar?

Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes that has many factors, such as lifestyle factors (ie, obesity, lack of exercise, and taking certain medications) and genetic factors, such as gene mutations.

Taking special medications such as Niacin, diuretics or water pills, anti-seizure, anti-psychotic drugs, AIDS drugs, pentamidine, glucocorticoids and anti-rejection drugs.

Avoiding sugar

People suffering from diabetes are always worried about what kind of food they should eat and what they should not eat so that their sugar level does not increase. So don’t worry, we have good news for you, you can eat all your favorite foods but just be careful to eat low protein foods.

You can eat the following foods with confidence
Vegetables: such as broccoli, carrots, green vegetables, peppers and tomatoes and green peas
Fruits: such as oranges, watermelons, strawberries, apples, bananas and grapes

Cereals: Very little cereals or their products such as bread, rice, barley and cornmeal.

Protein: Meat such as chicken and turkey meat, the skin should not be eaten, fish meat, eggs, beef and nuts.

The following foods and drinks should not be eaten

Foods that are high in fat, foods that contain a lot of salt, foods that are very sweet such as chocolate, ice cream, etc., drinks that contain sweets such as juice, or soda drinks, energy.
Drinking water instead of all these drinks is beneficial.

Dr. Qudratullah Springerli

Lonely people have a short life span

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