How will we treat cancer?

Today, when we give examples of stable countries and states, the name of America will come up. The American nation has adopted a constitution based on seven articles, and made this law an important part of national unity. He also respects the sanctity and value of the constitution of his country, and accepts it as a national value. This is because the country is peaceful, stable, and free from external interference, it does not have bad and peripheral laws, and it does not have bad neighbors.

For at least four decades, everything has been damaged in this land. Along with famine, hunger, drought, and other similar problems, our main problem is the ongoing war, which has various factors and causes. The ongoing war for the existence of the Afghan nation has political, economic or geopolitical/strategic and colonial aspects and forms. The war is still ongoing, hunger and unemployment are increasing day by day. The worst thing is that the tools and materials of the war are foreign, but the human power is mostly Afghans, and they have raised their lists for destroying their homeland for decades, and they are still not tired.

In this war, many people left this world, some gave their legs and arms, some sold their two-year-old daughters for money because of hunger, and some others burned their mustaches, beautiful buildings in Dubai, Qatar, Toronto and other cities. Married and living a love life.

Pakistan wants to allow a proxy war, foreign policy tensions, and formalization of the Durand Line, Iran is slowing down the joys of national unity, in this way it is separating the great nation and the land, in order to protect its interests. India has continued its proxy war, the West and the East, including China and other countries, are using our territory as a battlefield.

The illiterate are standing in the trenches, they are fighting with the state in the name of religious movements, the educated are poisoning the great nation of this land inside and outside the state. Who is from Iran, who is from Pakistan, who is from the West, who is still the puppet of his former Russia and China, a good example can be given by Waheed Majda’s spy talk a year ago. He is a handful of government officials who are not tied to the throne.

Civil societies and media, which are the eyes of the hopes of this great nation, are pure and novel and are mixed up with each other. It works to keep people from trusting them. Time wars, hunger, revolutions, and looting have destroyed the trust among the people.

In countries like Afghanistan, the matter of national unity was a bit difficult, on the one hand, the majority of the people are illiterate, on the other hand, it is difficult for the speakers of different languages and tribes to unite under the name of one nation. But we can still say with certainty that throughout history, our leaders have worked for national unity, they have left us a legacy. Future generations and their pure land will suffer a lot.

Mostly the work of war is taken from the youth, the work of policing is also taken from the youth. In other countries, young people are the backbone of a country’s army, police, administration and other areas, but among our unfortunate nation, these are the young people (Fresh Blood) who set fire to their motherland’s scarf and It still burns.

Iran, Pakistan and any other government never likes that all the aid for the victims of Badakhshan in Helmand, Kandahar, and Nangarhar was taken to the victims of the incident. The two nations were like that in which each individual shared the sorrows and joys of other members of the nation. The economic condition of the cities has improved since the last decade. They should not lose their places.

All those citizens who live as Afghans in the bosom of this land in the name of Afghans, under the shadow of the Afghan constitution and under the name of this great power, must be committed to national unity and other values. All those people inside and outside the state who do not call themselves the children of Badakhshan, Nangarhar, Helmand, Kandahar and any other province, are dancing to the song of foreigners, they cannot be called Afghans. They do not respect the national and official languages, they do not respect the national, political and other personalities of the country, or they are totally addicted to the veils of dollars, tomans and caldaros, they have the status of cancer among this great and pure nation. Our greatest task is to save the national unity from this dangerous disease of cancer, otherwise, today or tomorrow, this country will be destroyed.

High Blood Pressure or Arterial Hypertension High blood pressure is a disease that affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide. .

High blood pressure, or better known as high blood pressure, can harm the heart, brain, lungs, eyes, feet and all parts of the body.

Stress disease, diabetes, smoking, high blood fat and other similar conditions, heart attack and failure, as well as brain or brain failure resulting in paralysis, failure of the legs. Blindness or poor eyesight, leg pain and even amputation, sexual activity weakness and similar diseases play a major role in the occurrence of diseases. This is why these patients think that they don’t need treatment. As a result, the patient stops taking his medicine and plays with his health. How is blood pressure measured? Blood pressure is measured in millimeters of mmHg.

When the pressure is checked, two numbers are recorded. For example, 100/180 is read as: 180 per 100. Here, the number 180 is called systolic pressure. Meaning: This is the pressure that the heart pumps blood to the arteries. The second recorded number is called diastolic pressure.

This is the pressure that occurs in the arteries when the heart is at rest.

Normal or high blood pressure? An increase in blood pressure can be explained by the presence or absence of various other diseases. High blood pressure. These types of blood pressure include only systolic pressure, for example 80/180, only diastolic pressure, for example 110/135, or both systolic and diastolic pressure, for example 115/190. But above 50 years of age, systolic pressure is considered important

It is important to note that normal blood pressure is interpreted in a different way due to different diseases. For example, it is necessary for a person suffering from diabetes to keep his blood pressure close to 70/125. God is the best. Electric devices break down quickly, self-use is easy and simple. Patients with fat and large arms need thick armbands. Good or thin arms? If the pressure is high, the pressure should be checked in both arms

Anyone who is higher than the other will be looked at in the future. The causes of this disease are often unknown. It may have genetic factors. This type of high blood pressure is called essential hypertension. Only 5 percent of patients have this disease. People can have high blood pressure due to diseases such as diabetes or hormonal diseases, this type of secondary hypertension is called secondary hypertension, and many of them are young people.

Sometimes during pregnancy, especially in the first pregnancy, blood pressure increases, which is dangerous for the mother and the child! Some people’s blood pressure increases with a doctor’s visit. Blood pressure can increase due to exercise or sports, alcoholic beverages, coffee, smoking, sleeplessness, mental stress, anger, and other factors. The consideration can be measured in a suitable and peaceful occasion

People who are obese should lose their weight. Exercise, not smoking, caution in drinking alcoholic beverages, and avoiding anger and stress are considered important.

Do not add salt to your food, because there is a large amount of salt necessary for humans in food. Have regular contact with your doctor so that, in addition to your blood pressure, other diseases that are usually associated with this high blood pressure are also diagnosed. And it can be treated

There are dozens of types of drugs in the medical market for the treatment of blood pressure. Your doctor will give you the necessary advice and prescription after examining your general health condition. People suffering from this disease often need one, two, seventy-three or many drugs. Your doctor will sometimes change your prescribed medication based on your blood pressure and health status, but keep in mind that if you really need medication to lower your blood pressure, the treatment is almost always self-medication. Cut your hair.

How will we treat cancer?

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