What are the causes of poor eyesight?

What are the causes of poor eyesight?
If you do not pay much attention to the eyes and are indifferent to small problems, then you will make a big mistake.

There are some signs of eye weakness, if these signs are considered to be false, the problem may become worse; For example: blurred vision, pain, blurred vision, burning, redness. In case of these symptoms, you should see an eye doctor as soon as possible.

If you have diabetes or high blood pressure, have your eyes checked regularly; Because your eyes can cause a problem and you will not know about it. Sometimes diabetes and high blood pressure cause blindness.

Smoking cigarettes
Cigarettes have many other disadvantages as well; But here we are talking about the eyes. Smoking causes the eyes to water and damage the retina. Smoking prevents or makes it difficult for oxygen to reach the structural parts of the body. In this part, the eyes are also where oxygen does not reach them.

No use of glasses
The use of special glasses (glasses) is also important. Those who are allergic to the green color in grass, those who do carpentry/carpentry, welding should wear such glasses.

One of the mistakes that many women make and injure their eyes is sleeping with decorations and using outdated decorations. After every three months, you should not use your jewelry that has been opened. Clean the decorations when you go to sleep.

Use the lens
Using the lens and not cleaning it properly is another reason. The lens should be washed with a solution that is specific to it. Do not wash with water. The lens should be retracted while swimming. Most health professionals say that disposable lenses should be used. Whoever buys the lens should show the eye specialist whether it is suitable for his eyes or not.

Sit at the computer
Sitting too much at the computer and looking at the light also causes weakness of the eyes. When someone looks at the monitor, it looks more like normal; Therefore, there is a possibility of eye injury.

Eye drops work very well
Overuse of eye drops can cause problems; But then it becomes normal. Of course only some drops cause disease; But later it causes more redness of the eyes.

What are the causes of poor eyesight?

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