How much does good sleep affect our health?

How much does good sleep affect our health?
In life, it is not only necessary to manage the first hours of the day, but we must also manage the last hours of the day to have an exceptional life.

Many people do not get enough sleep and most of the time they cannot think properly and feel tired. You and I are living in an era where most of the people are facing sleep problems, they wake up in the middle of the night, that is, they don’t have regular sleep.

Internet and social networks are the main reasons. Studies have shown that the green color of technological devices reduces melatonin in our body. Melatonin is a chemical that tells the body it needs sleep. There’s no doubt that checking cell phones and other technological devices throughout the day is taking a toll on you.

And it’s true that when you are constantly using technology before going to sleep, you will never have a good night’s sleep.

Others of these devices activate other receptive ganglion cells, which are sensitive to light, which limits the production of melatonin and has a negative effect on our night and day behavior and disrupts our sleep.

We should change our habits before sleeping, so that we can wake up before dawn and have more energy.

When we don’t have enough sleep, not only does it become difficult for us to wake up, but our performance, health, and beauty decrease in a unique and negative way.

When you sleep, the important issue here is not only the quantity of your sleep, but the quality of your sleep, and the cerebrospinal fluid washes your brain.

The lymphatic system, previously thought to exist alone, has been discovered to be located in the brain as well. And that is, we as humans have a system that trains our brains to work well in certain situations. And this cleansing phase occurs when we are in a state of sleep.

The good news is that growth hormone is produced in the pituitary gland and is important for a long life. High levels of this hormone increase and improve your energy and cognition.

The important point is that this hormone is consumed during exercise and secreted during sleep! In order to achieve the highest level of hormone secretion and brainwashing and to have creativity, energy, beauty and longevity, science has confirmed that you should sleep for 7 and a half hours every night, and research has shown that only Not a lack of sleep, but too much sleep, sleeping for 9 hours makes life wet.

How to protect yourself from the sun?
This year July (Cancer/Asad) was an unprecedented month in the world from the point of view of the temperature of the weather. Before this, the average level of temperature had not increased so much.

The weather is still hot, so what should we do to avoid burns or heat stroke?

When the temperature of the body rises to 40 degrees Celsius or higher, then a person burns, this situation sometimes causes the death of a person.

Burn or heatstroke is a disease that occurs in case of excessive exposure to the sun. In this case, the body temperature increases excessively.

Based on a report from the American Mayo Research (Medical) Clinic, when the body temperature rises to 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) or higher, then the person says that the person has burned. This problem is more in the summer. to be

In case of burns, we should stop the treatment as soon as possible, because there is a risk that the complications of the disease will quickly damage the nerves, heart, kidneys and other organs of the body and even cause death.

The obvious and common signs of sunstroke are:

Confusion, nervousness, irritability, unconsciousness, confusion and eventually coma.

In addition to staying in the sun too much, drinking too much alcohol and drinking too little water in the summer increases the possibility of getting sunburned. In addition, people who are over 65 years of age or people who use certain drugs that cause heat in the body, such as blood pressure or anti-depressant drugs, have a greater chance of burning. . In addition to this, people who have heart and lung problems, as well as those who are obese or walk less, are more likely to burn.

Delicate, pale and cold clothes

Protect your skin from the sun. Sun exposure reduces the body’s ability to cool down, so protect your body outdoors with a hat and thick sunglasses. Body oil also helps a lot by preventing sunburn.

Drink lots of water

Never leave a child alone in a car in a parking lot. This often causes them to burn and die. When a car is parked in the sun, the temperature inside the car can rise by 6.7 degrees Celsius every 10 minutes.

Is drinking water in the morning beneficial?
Drink water in the morning, not only in the morning, but water is necessary and useful for the body at all times, because the human body is made up of more than 60 percent of water.

It is also called an essential nutrient because your body cannot meet its needs through metabolism.

Your body needs more water than other foods to function properly.

All organs and tissues are related to water and this is why water plays an incredibly important role in your body. Nutrients and water give the bloodstream the power to carry nutrients to all the cells in your body and remove waste.

In addition to this, water also has the power to keep the temperature appropriate, that is, it does not allow the temperature of the body to be too low or too high.

If you don’t meet your daily water needs, water loss will cause dehydration in your body. which has great harm to your health.

This system is also known as water balance, which means that the water in the body must be sufficient in order to prevent dehydration in your body.

Water is essential for nutrients, so since the body is constantly losing water, you must drink water constantly to meet your body’s needs.

How much does good sleep affect our health?

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