Lonely people have a short life span

Lonely people have a short life span
Researchers from the University of Glasgow in Scotland have revealed in a new study that those who live alone and do not see their close relatives at least once a month, the risk of death is higher than those who see their relatives.

Using the information available in the British Health Archives, they studied the social contacts of nearly 460,000 Britons, whose average age is 57 years, and monitored and recorded their health status for almost 12 years.

According to the report of the Guardian newspaper, the researchers concluded at the end of their study that social isolation, including being alone, feeling lonely and seeing less with relatives and friends, is associated with the risk of death. Related to the increase.

In this study, those who did not meet with relatives and friends and those who met with relatives a lot were compared.

The research revealed that those who did not meet their friends and relatives, 53 percent of them suffered from heart diseases and 39 of them died.

The 21st century is the era of Internet and electronic developments, among other developments. All the work is going on the internet and it has turned the world into a global village. The Internet has had a great impact on bibliography, among other things. In the past, scholars used to go from one country to another country in search of a source, but with the help of the Internet, this process has become very easy. Now you can go to another country without looking for a book or source; Just open your mobile data and get that book from e-library at your home.

In this article, I would like to talk about dubbing Pashto books; Although the electronicization of the world’s books has some kind of effect in many areas; But in many areas, some languages may be different from others. Like the rest of the world, efforts are being made recently to make Pashto language books electronic. There are many applications, software, electronic libraries and other electronic and internet resources, which are used to dub Pashto books. What are its benefits, we will clarify one by one below:

Remote access to Pashto books

We mentioned above the ways of finding sources in the past; But finding a source in the Pashto language was even more difficult, because there were no printing presses in all the Pashtun-populated areas. Could not access. Now, in addition to the fact that the printing centers of books in Pashto have increased significantly, Pashto books have become electronic and are being read by Pashto speakers and other Pashto language researchers around the world. Recently, like citizens of other countries, Afghans have returned to all corners of the world. It will be difficult to deliver Pashto books in hard format to those areas; If Pashto books become electronic, it will be possible to access them at a distance.

Access to Pashto books by foreign researchers and students

Pashto language is one of the languages in the region, which has recently gained many fans and readers. These readers are mostly from other countries and foreigners; So if we think, it may be difficult for them to get Pashto books in printed form when needed; But if the books are electronic; They can easily get these books and use them. Similarly, if they are doing research on Pashto language, they can easily share it with other readers and students who are doing research on Pashto language or want to learn Pashto language.

Protection of Pashto books and works

It is clear from the recent efforts of Pashto language researchers, scholars, culturalists and others that Pashtuns have worked a lot on their culture throughout history. They have however suffered from the strain of time; But in addition, he maintained his language, knowledge, culture and civility, and it is clear that he would have saved all of this in book form; But the wars of time took away the relics and now there are no preserved relics. If we save Pashto language books in electronic form; So the possibility of destroying, burning and destroying it is very less.

A lot of study in a short time

If we study a book in printed form; It may interfere with our other work and we should set a special time for it; But if this book is recorded in audio format; We can, among other things, put the mobile earphones in our ears and listen to the entire book in audio format. If Pashto language books become audio; So it is known that besides other good things, the love of listening to books in Pashto language and understanding them will increase.

The reading floor will also listen to books

We must admit that the recent changes deprived many Pashtuns of education and literacy; They cannot even read anything; But now there is no need to worry about this. All illiterate people can listen to audio books and enjoy them. If they are on every floor; But you can easily listen to books and use them, which is a great advantage of electronic books.

Shipping books is easy

You either have information or you don’t; But it is forbidden to take books in hard or printed form to many places. We cannot ship it; But e-books have no physical weight. You can send it anywhere you want. The fact that most of the Pashto language readers live and travel around the world makes it easier for them to use e-books.
Pashto book reading becomes easier in all situations

Pashtuns live in such areas, where most of the basic necessities of life are not there; But now, with new technology, mobile phones, internet and other electronic devices have reached most of these areas; So if we see that reading a printed or hard book requires special conditions. For example, you should light a group or lamp in the room while reading a printed book, or you should have some other device that you can use to read the book; But in electronic books, there is no need to put on headphones or turn on your mobile phone. Recently, some local radio stations have started programs that broadcast the book in audio format and most people in remote areas listen to the radio; So they can easily enjoy the books.

If we consider the 20th and 21st centuries as the era of book printing, selling and reading, then it will not be an exaggeration, but in the 21st century, this movement took even deeper steps, based on new technology, for book readers, along with the printed form. The electronic format also facilitated the delivery and reading of the book. The great advantage of presenting the book in the electronic format is that When we reached home, the new form of the book has brought a big change in the world, in the field of reading and readers, and the world as a whole is progressing day by day. The lesson has also raised a lot of shadows. Pashto books and Pashto language manuals are distributed around the world. Foreign students and researchers are also expanding their studies about Pashto day by day; That is why dubbing Pashto books is useful in many areas, some of which we mentioned above.

Lonely people have a short life span

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