What is menstrual disease and how important is information about it to adult girls?

What is menstrual disease and how important is information about it to adult girls?
The most important part of a woman’s sexual system is the uterus, which has many parts and each part carries out special tasks, but as a whole, this system has been created for the sustainability and continuity of the human race, which is done through births, and it has such special features. Apart from the creation of the great Lord, the human world is unable to build a system like this, and if modern technology is used or used to build such a system, then it will perform the related tasks at a great cost.

The uterus contains ovaries or special places for eggs, which are a series of small follicles that grow when a girl reaches puberty, and in simple terms, every month one seed matures and is released downwards. which comes out of the ovary to the fallopian tube, which in this case is called a matured and fertilized sperm or egg; Which is ready to be fertilized. A woman’s reproductive system automatically prepares itself and its related system areas for the creation and protection of the fetus with the arrival of a series of changes in this state. It is in this way that the walls of the uterus and related areas prepare and are cut and prepared or folded, so that it is ready for the embryo and this preparation occurs during a series of hormonal changes. This preparation is a mature and released sperm or egg. And for its safety and protection, if the sperm reaches the egg and is fertilized, then the embryo is formed and created, but if this measure is not done, the egg is released after a certain short period of time and falls; These eggs are at such a level that they can be seen with the eyes.

But if the surgery was not done, then the female reproductive system does not see the need for the preparation of the uterus, so with the release of hormones, the prepared or folded wall begins to fall and decay, which causes blood clots to pass through the vagina. Bleeding goes out and out, which is called the menstrual cycle of the female sex, menstrual disease.

The duration of menstrual cycle or period varies in different stages of life but generally it is from 2 days to 8 days. In this regard, the heads of the family should give complete information to their children without being ashamed, and they should also give recommendations and instructions to them that in addition to the complete safety of their hygiene during the menstrual illness, they should also have the necessary clean items. For example, to use Kotxu and teach this method practically to their new adult or virgin children, because still in our rural and even urban areas, having information about this is called shame and white eyes and a child. The daughter or sister does not have information about this, because of lack of care and not considering the necessary health measures before marriage, it causes tumors of the sexual system, cancers, severe inflammations and secondary diseases.

Although at one time there was news about the start of a series of information in schools about this, but now this series should be extended to wider and rural areas by health workers and preachers, and the value of this information should be taught in madrassas and homes. There should be public awareness about this, because if young girls don’t have information about it and don’t talk about it beforehand, they may experience severe trauma first, and if they don’t take special hygiene into account, then they may develop the above diseases and In addition to health problems, they may also face the threat of infertility or impotence, which unfortunately causes many annoying problems in our Afghan society.

Increasing the level of knowledge in the society with the presence of public awareness in relation to the complete care of self, home and environmental health, the level of human health in the society increases and a healthy society has healthy and productive people, which leads to economic and social developments. He gets great success. But if there is no public awareness about such common topics, then our society will be an incomplete, disabled and sick society, because its people will have health problems and these problems are caused by the lack of knowledge and information.

10 foods that prevent hair fall
Almost everyone experiences hair loss once in their life. Hair loss has many causes; It is believed that some common food items protect health and prevent constipation. By using these foods, you will see a change in your hair and also these foods help with the density of the hair.
Here are some of the most useful ones;
Aloe Vera:
Apply fresh aloe vera on your hair and scalp and leave it on for thirty minutes before washing it off. You can also mix aloe vera with copra or coconut oil and honey and make a daily hair mask. It is worth noting that aloe vera is not good for everyone’s hair, maybe some people are allergic to it. It is best to do a patch test before using any hair treatment.
Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, which strengthen the hair and prevent it from falling out. Apply coconut oil on the scalp and massage it, then wash it off after a few hours.
Onion Juice:
Onion contains sulfur in its composition, which can promote hair growth. Put a few cloves of onion in the mixer; Leave the water on the scalp for thirty minutes and then wash it off.
Eggs are full of protein and biotin, both of which protect and promote hair growth. Mix an egg with a small spoonful of olive oil and leave it on the scalp for thirty minutes, then wash it off.
Curry Pages:
These leaves are used in food massages (powders). These leaves contain many antioxidants and proteins, which can promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. Mix a thick paste of curry leaves with copra oil, then apply it on your scalp and massage it. Wash it off after a few hours.
green tea:
Green tea also contains antioxidants, which improve hair health and growth. Leave green tea on your hair and skin for an hour and then wash it off.
Yogurt contains enough probiotics, which can make hair strong and grow. Mix yogurt with honey and apply it on your hair and skin and wash it off after 30 minutes.
Beets are rich in iron and antioxidants, which can promote hair growth. Combine beech water with a spoonful of honey, then apply it on your hair and skin. Wash it off after thirty minutes.
Indian Grapes (Amla):
Amla contains a lot of vitamin C, which is an essential vitamin for hair and skin. This vitamin keeps your hair healthy. Mix the amla powder with copra oil and then use it on your hair and skin. Wash it off after a few hours.

What is menstrual disease and how important is information about it to adult girls?

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