Research How to keep yourself happy?

Research How to keep yourself happy?
For many years, scholars, especially psychologists, have been researching human happiness, the benefits of happiness, and how people can keep themselves happy.

Among these researches, one of the most extensive ones is that of Lorraine Santos, a professor of psychology and cognition at Yale University in the United States. It says that science has proven that human effort is necessary for a happy life.

It told the BBC International Service, it is not an easy thing to try to keep yourself happy, but it is not too expensive if you give it time.

She knows this because she teaches psychology and the good life. In its 316-year history, Yale University has embraced many of its teachings.

There are 1,200 students with her and she has broken the record of enrollment in the university.

Her studies are based on the principles of positive psychology.

This is the branch of psychology that studies happiness and changing habits.

But how can you apply all these principles in your daily life?

Scholar Santos says, being happy is not an easy task, because it requires practice.

“Kat-matt is like a singer and an actor who constantly practices and austerities for the betterment and success of his work”.

Twice a week, he teaches his students to be happy.

If you can’t go to Yale, but you want to be happy, what will you do?

Scholar Santos has five points for such people.

1 Make a list of gratitude and kindness

Every night for a week, Ms. Santos advises her students to write down things they are grateful for.

This is a list of thanks and favors.

He says, this is apparently a simple matter, but we see that any student who practices this practice is very happy.

Santos says that it is difficult to succeed in this simple exercise.

In this, one week is eight hours of sleep at night.

She says, it may seem strange, but we know that a lot of good sleep reduces the risk of deep depression and makes people behave better.

3 meditation

Immerse yourself in the world of meditation or meditation for up to ten minutes each day.

Professor Santos says that as a student, she got a great feeling from meditation. Now she is a scholar and advises her classmates to meditate or do other things with great care that will help them achieve greater happiness.

  1. Spend more time with family and friends

According to Prof. Santos, recent studies show that spending quality time with your family and friends increases your happiness.

Your life will be better if you get along well with your relatives and community members.Nothing more is needed in this regard, but it is important to know what kind of people you spend your time with. Knowing the time is very important for a happy life. Most of us look for wealth in money, but Professor Setos says, research has shown that wealth is very close to how long we have been with us.

  1. Reduce media and increase real communication

Professor Santos says that the happiness gained from social media is not so useful and he says that recent studies show that people who use social media like Instagram are less happy than those who do not use it.Summary of recommendations

If you want to be truly happy, be very grateful, meet your family and relatives, clear your mind or meditate for a little time a day, stay away from social media from time to time and sleep a lot.

These tips for Yale students may prove useful to you, too.

Current research on speaking well presents some issues that in the past we took for granted when speaking. The world is currently moving very fast in science and research, the world is trying to branch or divide everything in every science, to conduct research on the principles and aspects of everything. Many articles and books have been written about the art of good speech or speaking, on which scholars have given different opinions. Speaking is a matter of nature; But good and effective speech is an art that can be achieved through repetition and practice. There are different traditions regarding the value of speech; For example, the Prophet (PBUH) used to say that a good thing is charity. Scholars liken words to friendships, words are friendships and should be used carefully and in place. Bad words or words are created, we have a proverb in the language, that our language is also a fortress. The tongue should become accustomed to good, effective and appropriate words, and if it is confused with words or speech; So look at yourself.

Psychologists even rely heavily on the role of words and speech in the affairs of human life. If someone is called a talented and diligent person 20 times, after saying it twenty-one times, a characteristic of a talented or diligent person will definitely be found in him, on the contrary, if someone is called lazy twenty times, after saying it twenty-one times, he will definitely have a characteristic of laziness or laziness. Characterize; So if we look at the above example, words have such an effect on other people and how responsible we are, we directly played a role in creating someone’s bad character; So why should we not think with words; Let’s use those words that make both us and the other party happy, successful, encouraged, etc. In addition to daily conversations, there are special speeches about some issues, for which it is necessary to pay attention to some points. In order to have a good speech or speech, scholars have shown different ways in this regard; But I present to you the ways in the field of good speech or speech, which the current experts in this field have proven and created:

  • Do not speak in haste. Some people speak in such a hurry that after the third sentence, the direction is lost. On the contrary, some people speak very slowly and with delay. But the speaker is comfortable with it; A good speaker is one who thinks about the comfort and fatigue of both himself and the listeners. The speech should not be made too late or too hastily. Words can have tremendous control.
  • Be confident in yourself. At the beginning of introducing or speaking to others, some people tremble in a way, their color fades, their speech becomes confused, their breath becomes short, these are signs of self-doubt when speaking. Speech experts say that the first four minutes of speech can have a good effect on the opposite party and also a bad one; So you should try to make the first conversation or introduce yourself very carefully and correctly. Because people who do not believe in themselves while speaking do not like the audience.
  • Talk with passion. This issue is different from other speakers, it makes you unique, attracts the audience, increases their confidence, every sentence of yours seems new and interesting to them; So speaking with enthusiasm can have a wonderful effect.
  • Pay attention to the buzzing sound. A low sound means a low sound and a boom sound means a dull sound. You should not use high or low voice in your speech and sentences, some words or phrases that are necessary, should be used in a low voice and in some cases, you should use a deep voice. Communication and attention can be created, that in which sentences to use the soft voice and in which voice is used, it is related to the art and art of the speaker.
  • Start your formal conversation without preparation. Some people say hello, welcome, thank you, good wishes, etc. on paper or think about it a lot, but you cannot repeat the first words in a good manner, the second words are easy, there is no need to say them. Write it down and say it on paper, because natural speech is more effective and effective than others.

Every word, speech or speech represents a person’s personality; So try to speak well, appropriately and appropriately.

Research How to keep yourself happy?

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