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Why are you laughing?

Many researchers believe that laughter makes people feel closer and more connected. When you feel comfortable and happy with someone, laugh with them and show them this feeling. The fact that you don’t want to feel alone in a group makes you laugh at them and make them look ugly, and that’s why they call […]

Don’t over decorate

Don’t over decorateStudies show that the continuous use of cosmetics causes the body to absorb 500 grams of chemicals every year. Nuclear news sources reported that a three-year survey by English researchers on the consumers of decorative items shows that nine percent of the accessories that women use for decoration are out of date, and […]

What are the causes of poor eyesight?

What are the causes of poor eyesight?If you do not pay much attention to the eyes and are indifferent to small problems, then you will make a big mistake. There are some signs of eye weakness, if these signs are considered to be false, the problem may become worse; For example: blurred vision, pain, blurred […]

Brain disorders and their symptoms

Brain disorders and their symptomsThe feeling of fatigue is present in twenty to twenty-five percent of people in the world. The feeling of fatigue depends on the conditions of the respective country. In countries where war is going on, earthquakes are increasing, or economic problems are present, a high percentage of people feel tired. One […]

Brain disorders and their symptoms

Brain disorders and their symptomsI asked one of my patients in the name of beautiful (pseudonym): How many years have you been married. He answered: Nineteen years. He asked: What has changed in the sexual relationship between you and your husband in such a long time? After a little thought, he said: Twice a day […]

Medicines were developed to increase muscle mass

Medicines were developed to increase muscle massResearchers say that they are close to creating a drug that increases human muscles without exercise. These drugs, called exercise mimics, consist of substances that mimic the benefits of exercise and create a mechanism that increases the body’s metabolism and increases lean muscle mass. Thomas Burris, a professor of […]

Iron deficiency

Iron deficiency Dr. Mujahid GibranWhen iron is reduced in the human body, the substance called hemoglobin in the red blood cells, which is responsible for transporting oxygen, becomes less and it is not able to deliver enough oxygen to the body. It causes iron deficiency or anemia. In such cases, in addition to fatigue, the […]

IT Officer

About National Bank of Pakistan: National Bank of Pakistan as Pakistan’s premier bank is determined to setting the highest standards of achievement. NBP is currently 75% owned by the Government of Pakistan and places special emphasis on fostering economic growth through a broad-based lending policy and a wide range of product & services especially trade […]

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