Why are you laughing?

Many researchers believe that laughter makes people feel closer and more connected. When you feel comfortable and happy with someone, laugh with them and show them this feeling.

The fact that you don’t want to feel alone in a group makes you laugh at them and make them look ugly, and that’s why they call laughter pleasant.

If you are upset, usually if your family head or boss laughs, you also laugh and this is exactly the situation where it is said that you can control the behavior of others with laughter.

For example, when you laugh at the time of danger and the threatening person also laughs, most of the problems are solved.

A researcher then compares human laughter with the sounds of birds and believes that laughter is a natural human response to bond.

Other studies show that laughing in a group is 30 times more than when you laugh alone, for example, in front of the television.

Drink tap water in a glass instead of mineral water
While it is customary to drink water in bottles in Afghanistan, the city officials in New York have decided to encourage people to drink tap water in glasses instead of bottles and mineral water.

New York City has started advertising in the right city and asked the people of the city to use less water bottles to protect the environment. New York City restaurants have also been encouraged to partner with this project.

The New York official says that using bottled water at least is beneficial for the environment and also beneficial for people’s pockets. In addition, tap water is also beneficial for health. Of course, the first two reasons are sufficient to use tap water and that Drink in glasses. Of course, in Afghanistan, people are still deprived of clean water. And you may also say that there is no tap water in our country, but if the government officials have read this research, one day they will open their fists and provide proper drinking water to the residents of Kabul and other cities, then there will be no need to buy bottles. Mineral water should be used. Kabul city is still very polluted, but if the pollution of mineral water bottles increases, it will further damage the environment because plastics do not disappear quickly and remain in the environment for a long time. Based on the research done by the party, four bottles out of every five bottles of water cannot be separated, they can be reused and thrown away.

Of course, many people in New York who endure the summer heat do not pay attention to these recommendations because they believe that the water in the New York city canals is not clean. Of course, some restaurants in California have been paying attention to these recommendations for some time in New York. The sale of bottled water has been stopped, but those who are in favor of drinking bottled water call this decision of the New York municipality far from justice and say that only this industry should not be taken against this industry and other environmental protection works should also be done.

The fact is that the water bottle production industry is the target of large manufacturing companies and they do not want to lose this business. Clarks, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi-Cola companies are some of the biggest investors in this market. Clarks is the largest producer of mineral and water bottles in the United States. Every day, millions of dollars are spent in the sector and they preach that this water has been brought from many rivers and mountains, while most of them are filled with water from the city’s canals.

The rules for bottled water in the United States are such that manufacturers promise that bottled water is only as good as tap water, and it is not necessary that bottled water is better than tap water.

In March 1999, the NRDC issued a report on the defense of natural resources, entitled Is Bottled Water Pure Drinking or Pure Belief? He gave this report to the US Food and Drug Administration. The NRDC report showed that 40 percent of the bottled water was actually tap water and it was labeled as mineral water.

This report also showed that 60 or 70 percent of the mineral water sold in the United States does not meet the standards of American food and medicine. They don’t make any difference and the quality of bottled water is not known. We hope that Afghan Jarwak will also pay attention to drinking water and clean houses will be built so that no one will drink mineral water. It doesn’t work.

Why are you laughing?

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